Welcome to Nåttarö Restaurant!

Why not treat yourself to a pleasant lunch or dinner in the archipelago! The boat ride takes only 35 minutes from Nynäshamn marina.

Nåttarö Restaurant are within easy distance of the harbor where m/s Utö Express anchors. There is also a guest jetty for those who come by boat. See schedule for the tour boat here.

The Restaurant will re-open again “valborgshelgen”, April 28. Opening hours are Saturday, 11-21 and Sunday, 11-18.

We will also have the Restaurant open Monday, April 30, 11-18 and Tuesday, May 1, 11-18.

“Kristi himmelsfärdshelgen” are open as well, Thursday, May 10, 11-21, Friday, May 11, 11-21 and off course Saturday and Sunday.

No reservation is required, come as you are and whenever you feel like it.

It is opened weekends in May and June until Midsummer.

See you this summer!