Sun and Swimming

With all its beautiful beaches, Nåttarö is a great island for sunbathing and swimming. Because of this most visitors cross the island towards the east from the steamboat pier to Stora and Lilla sand, known for its long sandy beaches that are child friendly with shallow water and soft sandy bottoms. Further north there is an equally beautiful beach called Skarsand.


Our sauna is situated right next to the cabin area with access to the sea. It accommodates up to 10-12 people.
To rent the sauna come and see us at reception. See price list below.

Bikes and Kayaks

Discover the island on your own by bike. The area is bike friendly and suitable for both the casual rider and the fit enthusiast.
For those wishing to see the island from the water, we have kayaks for hire.
Both bikes and kayaks are available for hire from the reception.
By summer 2017, a rowing boat will be available for hire. More info to come.


There are some lovely walks around the northern tip of the island, from Skarsand to Östermar. If you are looking for untouched forests we can recommend the road heading south. This adventurous trip is about 3-4 km of relatively easy walking. If you want to enjoy a little history while you are walking we suggest you visit Drottninggrottan (the Queen’s Cave). This mythical cave may be small, but has an exciting story. You will find Drottninggrotten on the road to Stora Sand.


For those of you who want to enjoy the underwater scenery, there is a snorkelling trail. You will find it by the beach next to the steamboats pier (ångbåtsbryggan).  This is free however you do so at your own risk.

We recommend that you bring your own wetsuit.

Price list:

150 SEK / hour

Adult: 125 SEK / day
Children: 75 SEK / day

K1: 550 kr / day
K2: 700 kr / day

Ask at the reception for additional information and prices or call us on +46-8-520 400 30