If you want to spend some time exploring the island, there are some tourist attractions worth a visit:

Drottninggrottan can be found between the cabin area and Stora Sand. It is named after Queen Maria Eleonora (1599-1655), who claimed to have sheltered in the cave when, while grieving the loss of her husband Gustav II Adolf, she attempted to flee the country to escape from the court and the government.

Nåttarö hals the island’s southernmost part is well worth a visit.  This is where the best side of the outstanding flora and fauna of the island can be seen. For many years, Nåttarö Hals was a military area and closed to the public. The area is now open and the old arms stores, barracks and secret checkpoints are reminiscent of times gone by. Why not take a walk on one of the many cliffs with their unspoilt views, combined with the mystery of the military area and the amazing archipelago flowers, as this will provide for an unforgettable experience,

Skriet or rock formation, which has been said to resemble Munch’s famous painting “The Scream”, is located on the coastline just north of Lilla Sand. The easiest way to get to the rock formation is to follow the coast north of Lilla Sand. After 100 meters after passing a beacon, you should turn around and look back towards the south. The rock formation then appears close to the waters edge.